The art and science of tile:
our new take on enrichment

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Same skill, same craft, new look.
Let’s make great things together.

Refine your space with the latest styles.

We are constantly expanding our catalog with stunning new shapes, patterns and glazes, which means no matter the project, there’s a tile for you. Find yours.

Get to know our tile, inside and out.

With streamlined tools and refined materials, we’re making it easier than ever to understand what makes Pratt + Larson the true standard in luxury tile. See how.

Find inspiration at your fingertips.

From the modest to the dazzling, our extensive catalog of tile designs has something for everyone. Your vision is limited only by your imagination. Get inspired.

Discover tile that goes beyond the home.

Pratt + Larson tile adorns some of the most respected restaurants, retail environments and offices in the world, and your project could be next. Learn more.

what we’re about

Our mission is enrichment.

Pratt + Larson is on a mission to enrich the lives of our team, our partners and our customers.

For our team we create an environment of growth with opportunity to learn as they progress through the company.

For our partners we provide the language to express the imaginary. We help realize their visions for the projects they are passionate about.

For our customers we enrich their surroundings with beauty, transforming their rooms into environments of significance.

who we are

We’re a team of alchemists at heart.

We transform earth into tile, glass into glaze, and environments into experiences.

At Pratt + Larson, we’re dedicated to the art and science of tile. Our methods are built on a rich history of experimentation and refinement, resulting in an unrivalled blend of timeless technique and cutting-edge innovation in color, shape and glazing. Today, our teams continue to elevate the practice of tile, making it into an art that is transformative, enriching and, yes, a little bit magical. Here’s how we work.

Value No. 01


Our craft is built on the foundation of a thriving culture. We foster compassionate, inclusive, supportive relationships internally as well as externally with our dealers, designers, and customers. We’re in this together, and we value people first.

Value No. 02


We are captivated by the art of the tile, the joy of making it, and thrill of sharing it with the world. As we build our team, we seek people who find value in the pursuit of a shared passion.

Value No. 03

the Way

For over 30 years, our passion for tile has kept us pushing boundaries of texture, color and quality. As we move forward, we will continue to innovate new processes and products that take tile to new places.

Value No. 04


Every day the team must act with an ownership mentality, seeking solutions, speaking up and doing what needs to be done to make our company and one another better.